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If you want a wedding video, have Uncle Larry bring his camcorder. We make wedding movies.

If you’re looking for a La Crosse Wedding Videographer you have come to the right place. At Prodigy Multimedia, rather than create some old boring wedding video, we create Wedding Movies. Just as a film is crafted from it’s inception through planning, carefully selected camera shots, skilled creative video editing, and beautiful graphics, our wedding videograpers are dedicated to creating an artful, stunning, and unique work of art.

Wedding Video Vs. Wedding Photography

Wedding photographers are often seen as a must-have for any wedding while the selection of a wedding videographer comes in second and is oft overlooked.  Or a couple may rush at the last minute trying to find a wedding videographer, and use whatever videographer is available at the last minute.

Perhaps this is because photographers have been around a lot longer making them the ‘status quo’ in documenting wedding events. However professional wedding  videography offers many advantages over still photography and Prodigy Multimedia is here to prove that a videographer should be first on your list!

Advantages of Wedding Videography

1. Photography is static and fragmented. It is the technological equivalent of creating a silent movie in an era of modern media-rich technology. Pictures are silent and broken slices of time, however wedding videography captures the complete rich abundance of life – both in sight and sound.

2. Videography provides a much more accurate and comprehensive record of the wedding event. A photographer will at the best only present you with a few hundred images that you select from. Our wedding film features hundreds of thousands of carefully edited images giving you a much more full and rich retrospective of the event.

3. Videography is more creative than photography. While photographers may rely on contrived poses and fake set-ups, videography is more natural, fluid and spontaneous. Video also provides a better visual narrative while the creative potential in post-production is reflected by the considerable amount of time we spend on it! With video editing the sights and sounds of the day are carefully juxtaposed with one another creating an artfully crafted and unique visual work of art.

4. Video tells your story better than photography. Would you rather go to the cinema to watch a movie or sit at home paging through the publicity stills? Our fully edited films document your story in an entertaining, enthralling and fulfilling way. Pictures you can flip through in minutes. Video is much more dymanic and each time you watch your wedding film there is the potential to discover something entirely new.

6. Photography offers poor value for money. Just consider for a moment what photographers charge for what you get in the end and then compare this to the effort that goes into video production and what you get out of it. After some thought you just might conclude that photography actually represents quite poor value for money! If you came home with 300 wedding photos, consider that with video there are 300 still images represented every ten seconds!

So, why do people more frequently book photographers before videographers? Most likely it is because people think that is what they should do, but we do hope this help sets the record straight. And those who realize the value of wedding videography now are sure to enjoy the fruit of their decision far more than those who only end up with a picture book!


La Crosse Wedding Videography from Prodigy Multimedia on Vimeo.

If you need a La Crosse Wedding Videographers or Wedding Videography anywhere in the La Crosse or surrounding area give us a call to discuss your stunning wedding film.

Wedding Video Packages


– Multiple Camera Wedding Ceremony Coverage
– Multiple Camera Reception Coverage up to First Dance (includes Cake Footage, Wedding
Speeches, Grand March, etc.)
– Multiple segment video montage up to 30 Minutes each segment beautifully edited to a
different song capturing the entire Day!
– Professionally Authored DVD: Including Custom Graphic Design DVD Menu and matching
Custom Graphic Design DVD Case
– 5 DVD’s

Two Cameras $995.00


– Wedding Ceremony Coverage
– Reception Coverage up to Best Man’s Toast
-Full Ceremony and Video Montage Edited to the songs of your choice (up to 10 Minute Montage)
– Professionally Authored DVD: Including Custom Graphic Design DVD Menu and matching
DVD Case
– 3 DVD’s

Single Camera $695.00
Two Cameras $795.00


– Wedding Ceremony Coverage Only
– Professionally Authored DVD: Including Custom Graphic Design,
Custom DVD Menu
– 2 DVD’s
-Full Ceremony and Video Montage of ceremony Edited to the song of your choice

Single Camera $495.00
Two Cameras $595.00

Additional Shooting: $99 per camera hour
Additional DVD’s: $15.00