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We Produce:

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The Video Production Process:

Here are 8 Elements of the Video Production process. The degree to which each of these elements is utilized in a particular production is going to depend on the type of production. These elements come together in harmony to become the completed vision of the director to meet the needs of the particular goals of the client.

1) Brainstorming/Conceptualizing Ideas

Coming up with an idea for a video can be the most exciting aspect of the production as well as the most challenging. This is the birthplace of the creative idea that will connect your message to your audience.

2) Writing

This is where the ideas become solidified as a blueprint for any video production. The script serves as a road map for the director to bring his vision to light. Depending on the type of production, the script will vary in what elements it contains, however generally a script will contain all of the visual (video footage, motion graphics, etc.) and aural (voice over, music, sound effects, etc.) information desired in the final video production.

3) Planning

Planning involves finding shooting locations, actors, any special effects needed, and planning to acquire any equipment necessary for the video shoot. This is also where the director will attempt to plan ahead for any logistical challenges that may arise on the shoot.

4) Shooting

Shooting great video requires a skilled camera operator in order to capture video in a way that coincides with the directors vision. The camera operator captures the shots in the script as well as any extra footage that may be necessary or helpful in ensuring the success of the project. One of the MOST IMPORTANT aspects of the quality of the final production is the LIGHTING! With proper lighting your video production will come out crisp looking and professional.

5) Graphics/ Visual Effects

Graphics include titles, logos, kinetic typography, and any visual effects needed for the video including chromakeying.

6) Editing

Editing or ‘post-production’ as it is often referred is the process of cutting together the video and audio captured during shooting. A skilled editor pieces together a project just like how a composer composes music. Each project has it’s own unique feel, tempo, and pacing, crucial to successfully realizing the objectives of the project.

7) Export/File Compression

Exporting a video from  a computer after editing can be more complicated than you may think. An editor must choose the proper file compression codecs, and settings depending on the output delivery method.

8) Delivery

The delivery method can be in many formats including different types of digital video files, DVD, or tape.